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Here is the lowdown on this site:

Who is this for?
I hope this site is by Moms and Dads and for any moms and dads (& moms/dads-to-be) in the Boston, Massachusetts area. (Some links are more and focused on the Cambridge/Arlington area for now, because that is what I am familiar with) This is a Wiki site which means that banc de swiss anyone can add to it or change things. ( That also means that some links are subject to opinions. ) I decided to put this together, because I would see or be told of some good things on other message boards or by friends, but when I actually needed the info, I forgot which hier.

Who edits this page?

YOU! (if you can)

The morepeople who do that, the better the site! if you have a link to add, a comment to make, etc, go to the "edit" tab on the lower right hand side of the page and simply type in. I will simply try to keep things neat and organized and add links. You can also email me & I will add items for you.


Disclaimer: I am not responsible for information on this site. This is a wiki site and can be edited by anyone.


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