Favorite Baby Gear

For something so small, they have a lot of STUFF!!

What is that essential baby item(s) that you can't live without & want other moms to know? Favorite stroller? slings? list it here!

I found Baby Bargains to be a GREAT resource to help buy baby items- good semi objective reviews, and lots of helpful info to help choose..
*Speaking of Books: try swapping your old books for new ones PaperBack Swap or Book Mooch

Sales! try: Mama bargains has one deal of the day- high end items at great prices.

recommendations by one local mom groups:

  • I use Dreamer Design jogger- I love the swivel front wheel, great for outdoors & jogging ( I am way to slow these days to call it 'running'= ) , folds in car easily, but a bit bulky for stores. is a little less pricey than the BOB line.
  • Bumbleride Indie I have friends with this stroller and am very jealous! Not sure how good it is as a jogger though.

*Uppa Baby Vista with a basinette or a seat and big wheels, it can handle Somerville sidewalks.


Cloth Diapers:

  • The Diaper Lab- great local cloth diaper store here: 201a Highland Avenue in Somerville
  • Diaperswappers.com Online community for buy-sell-trading of cloth diapers and related items. Product reviews, laundering tips, etc… Registration required.
  • Diaper service Changing Habits that services Boston area

Carriers/Baby wearing:

  • Online: Learn about types of slings etc: Babywearer
  • Boston Baby Wearers Meetings: on the second Tuesday of the month, from 10:30 am to 12:30 pm. Our dates for the first half of 2009 are January 13, February 10, March 10, April 14, May 12 and June 9. We meet at the College Avenue United Methodist Church, at 14 Chapel Street in Somerville.
  • Kangaroo Korner: fleece pouch, easy to use, adjustable size: great for winter!!!
  • Ergo Baby Carrier- easy on the back, great for bigger kids (i hear!)
  • Moby Wrap- I loved this with my baby when she was small..
  • Local Maker of some fun pouch slings! GoZoZo


Car seats

  • Good online resource http://www.car-seat.org/
  • After much debate on what car seat to get after the infant seat, we went with the Baby Bargains recommendation of the Britax Britax Roundabout ..
  • car seat inspections for anyone. We have two fitting stations, one is every Wednesday during the day and the other is on

the last Saturday of the month. Jonathan Otero: Safe Kids Boston 617-534-2635 gro.chpb|oretoj#gro.chpb|oretoj


  • A bouncy seat, preferably the cheaper ones that can be bounced with a foot or by the baby themselves. They provide a nice view for baby and sanity for Mama
  • Nursing stool that brings your knees up to just the right place. Medela makes a nice one



  • Use the CPSC website to sign up for an email subscription to let you know when items are recalled.

Some favorite baby music recommendations:
• Bare Naked Ladies: Snacktime- witty humor, similar to the "Million dollar song"
• They might be giants: have a quite few albums- goofy, rockish
• Fun new rec from a friend: Gustafer Yellowgold. A beatles/rtock influence, just kind of fun. http://www.gustaferyellowgold.com/
• Justin Roberts- lots of kid stuff
• “for the kids” 1,2,3 CDs- of rockish music compilations http://www.amazon.com/Kids-Various-Artists/dp/B00006L7QX
• Laurie Berkner- folksy, guitar
• Elizabeth Mitchel and EM with Lisa Loeb
• Laurie Harper- fun kid stuff
• Ziggy Marley has a new album called 'Family Time'. Bob Marley has some too
• Renee & Jeremy (http://reneeandjeremy.com/)
• Frances England (http://www.francesengland.com/)
• Dan Zanes & Friends, "Rocket Ship Beach" CD
• Sandra Boynton - a few cute ones,
• The flannery brothers (local group)
• The Putamayo Kids CDs are fun and multicultural, the animal one is especially cute. http://www.putumayo.com/en/putumayo_kids.php
First: I hate ‘baby music’ and will mostly only put on stuff I tolerate. Selfish, yes, but keeping my sanity is priceless. My best recommendation: listen to Pandora Toddler stations for a while and you can see the names of albums/types you like.

Bike Stuff
best price and service came from a local South End business, Community Bicycle on Tremont.

Here are some cool links if you are searching for a cool mom bike or seat:
(check out the bakfiets boxbike)

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