Feeding & Breast Feeding Related Info

Food and Breastfeeding Resources:


If you are in the South Shore area: South Shore Hospital in Weymouth has a breast feeding group from 1-2pm five days a week with lactation consultants, Nurses, NP's, a scale to weigh baby before and after feeding. It's on the second floor in the main entrance of the hospital and you can go to their website for more info.

* Increasing Milk supply:

  • Go-Lacta midwife recommended! research study available on the site to read also.
  • also common: Fenugreek (available at Wholefoods)

Nursing and maternity wear:

Baby food

Family Friendly restaurants

  • I have not tried it, but Full moon cafe has been referred to me as a family friendly restaurant.
  • Try Boston Family Foodie Examiner sign up for updates.
  • Johnny D's in Davis Square: half-price dining! (with some restrictions): Tues-Thu, 4:30-6:30 pm and a tub of toys and books to occupy the wee ones (no changing tables in restrooms, though). They also have terrific brunch on the weekends, and if you show up by 9:30, it's still quiet and they are kid-patient and kid-friendly. The brunch musicians (jazz) start around 10am. (Edit: June 2009: I think they don't do 1/2-price dining on Fridays anymore. -JP)
  • Teele Square Cafe— There's a lot of light and benches for kids to sit, plus a couple high chairs and a changing table. Our goal is to serve homemade comfort food made from scratch in a fun, laid-back atmosphere.

Drive thrus- Moms eat too!

So this has recently come up in a message board: where to find a drive thru when you have a sleeping baby in the car??!

  • ALL Not your average joe's Restaurants have a carry out to your car feature. you call ahead(keep the menu in the car) and pull in to the space and they come out. They have restaurants in Arlington, Lexington, Watertown, Burlington, and other places- see Not Your Average Joes.
  • SOME Uno's Restaurants have a similar feature. You can call ahead and order online. Confirmed is the Uno in Waltham, on Bear Hill Road.
  • the Dunkin Donuts near Fresh Pond is open again!
  • Burger King in Belmont on Concord Ave
  • Dunkin Donuts on Rt 16 in Wellington Circle
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