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Sleeping advice
Please note: most sleep training books recommend trying techniques around 4 months, but the info is helpful to read any time.


* Baby Whisper books. This method focuses more on a method where you "pick up/put down" the child repeatedly until they get the idea mommy/daddy is there for them but not 'rescuing them' from bed nor relying on other habits to get to sleep. She stresses a "Eat, play, sleep" order of routines. Also a helpful and the website has a huge member forum with FAQs and examples of sleep and eat schedules:forums
* Another often recommended book: The Happiest Baby on the Block
* Healthy Sleep Habits, Healthy Child has some 'cry it out' methods; some reviews say not very well written, but some good prinicples.
* Books by Dr. Ferber are popular and use the "cry it out" methods.
* The Sleep Lady

Other sleep resources/ advice:

* Pick Nick's Brain a practical advice filled blog

*Colic Solutions*

* Infant Behavior, Cry and Sleep Clinic (IBCSC) at W& I in Providence RI. Is a clinical service developed to diagnose and treat infants with crying, sleeping, feeding and associated early behavior problems by helping parents understand and manage their infant and to adjust to the disruption caused by having an infant who has behavioral problems in the first few months of life.

*Local Resources*
* The Freedman Center at MSPP (formerly WarmLines) offers Infant Sleep Workshops and Consultations. Check website for next date.

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